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  • Recordings and mixing
  • Voices sound recordings
  • Musical creations, sound design
  • Post-production sound for image, sound effects

Welcome to Bobito Studio !

Recording studio in Paris


Located in Paris
in the 19th arrondissement
since 2007

The Bobito studio recording studio is located in Paris in the 19th arrondissement.

Our experience will allow you to carry out all your voice, musical and audiovisual productions, all your sound projects, at an advantageous price, in a warm setting.

Voiceover, recording of instruments track by track, vocals, post-production, sound design, musical creation, mixing... : the Bobito studio takes care of all the stages, from recording to finalizing your project.

The equipment is continuously updated. The studio has many devices and instruments, modern and vintage.

It consists of an acoustic cabin and a mixing space treated with biological audiophile materials, respecting the environment and the health of its users : hemp, Homatherm, Fermacell, cork, latex, cotton. There is no glass wool used for soundproofing, which does not affect acoustic "performance".

Convinced that the working atmosphere has a considerable importance on the result of a recording, we try to create a climate of trust and conviviality during the different sessions.

During your breaks, you can get some fresh air and relax on the quiet terrace, furnished with a view of a small garden.

Discover all the services of the recording studio on our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or a quote.

Services and Rates


Recording - Voice and instrument mixing
Musical creation - Sound design - Sound post-production

  • Voice recording in all languages ​for dubbing, voiceovers, podcasts, for French and international voice casting, for E-learning projects…
  • Acoustic or amplified instrument sound recordings
  • Mixing / editing
  • Arrangements
  • Getting in touch with professional musicians for your productions
  • Compositions, musical creation, sound design, sound effects, sound illustrations :
    • Production of music and soundtracks (including sound effects) for your animations, cartoons, theatre, television, cinema, audio books, events, advertising, fashion…
    • We can also create a sound universe for your short films or institutional films, multimedia applications, conventions and shows…
    • Sound design for your websites (complete musical theme, comments, voiceover)
    • Phone messages on hold, ringtones, answering machines, interactive voice servers
  • Sound post-production (sound to image mixing)
  • Audiobooks
  • Sound system for concerts, weddings up to 200 seats
  • Possibility to send you a sound engineer on your concert
  • Gifts: recordings of songs for birthdays, weddings…
  • Audio streaming
  • Mastering


Recording / Mixing / Mastering

1 hour

50 € incl. tax

Half day (4h)

180 € incl. tax

Day (8h)

300 € incl. tax

Evening sessions after 8 p.m.

50% surcharge

Original compositions, arrangements & more

Contact us for a more precise study.


Rental price for all guitars/bass guitars

For maintenance, regular adjustments, changing the strings of our various instruments.

20 € per day

They trusted us

Double mètre animation

Double mètre animation

  • Compositions of 17 music for the end of episodes of the 3rd season of the animated series Kiwis broadcast in particular on France Télévisions (France 5)
    Les Glaces (MP3) :

    L'Heure du Thé (MP3) :

    Le Club de Sport (MP3) :

    Le Goûter (MP3) :
  • Sound effects of the 3 Kiwis seasons (130 episodes) Kiwi xbo films
    Viewable here (
    And there (
  • Voiceover sound recordings for the Kiwis
  • Mixing/Mastering of the 130 episodes of the Kiwis and upgrading to France Télévisions standard (according to the EBU R128 standard)
  • Voice mixing of La Planète de Reinette (Canal+)
  • Several other sound post-production works for the Double mètre animation company
Médecins Sans Frontières

MSF France
Voice recordings of Bérengère Guais for the podcast La Zone d'Écoute.
Viewable here (

aaa Production

aaa Production

  • Les Shadoks et la maladie mystérieuse → Recording of the voice of actor Benoît Poelvoorde for this new Shadoks short film (2015)
    Listen to an extract (MP3) :
  • Mucem Marseilles → Voice recording including actor Belaïd Boudellal, for the Pharaons Superstars exhibition (2020)
    Listen to an extract (MP3) :

    And the voice of actress Stéphanie Dussine.
    Listen to an extract (MP3) :

    Viewable here (
  • Fantômes du cinéma by Pascal Vimenet → Voice-over (broadcast on France 3)
    Viewable here (
  • L’Animographe, ou je suis né dans une boite à chaussures by Thierry Dejean (2022) → Recording of the voice of actor Jacques Chaussepied.
    Viewable here (

BBC classical Music Television
Spoken voice recording of the great tenor Rolando Villazón, for a program dedicated to the greatest tenors of all time.
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

NICT Japon

NICT Japon
Male and female voice recordings for a Japanese translation software “Voice Tra” on behalf of the NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology), dependent on the Japanese government → 36,000 sentences and 20,000 words.
Viewable here (

Auzou Editions

Auzou Editions


French Brainpop

Actor sound recordings for the videos of the French educational site Brainpop.
Viewable here (



Odeon & Cie

Odeon & Cie

  • Recording of the voice of Patrick Poivey (voice of Bruce Willis in French) for a clip of “M”, “Baia”, directed by Rodolphe Pauly
    Viewable here (youtube)
    Listen to an extract (MP3) :
  • Voice recordings for Rodolphe Pauly's medium-length film “The Ballad of Billy the Kid”
    Viewable here (youtube)
Atalante Film

Atalante Film

Voice-over recording of actress Claudia Cardinale for the film “Ultima Fermata” by Giambattista Assanti (2015).
Viewable here (youtube)

Listen to an extract (MP3) :
Flammarion Jeunesse

Flammarion Jeunesse

Sound effects/music for audio books for children.
Viewable here (
Viewable here (



Voice recordings including actor Paul Bandey, for E-learning projects.
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

Viewable here (
Viewable here (youtube)

Midwest productions

Midwest productions

Voice recording for “Cache Cache” commercial.
Viewable here (

Bobby Prod

Bobby Prod (entertainment for adults)

“Blurp” → Sound recording voice actors
“La boîte” → Sound recording voice actors
“Moris & Rodney” → Actor sound recordings, sound effects, mixing
Bobby Prod's website

Association Libres Terres des Femmes

Association Libres Terres des Femmes

Voice-over recording in 11 languages, sound effects, mixing, mastering of animated films on the theme of women victims of domestic violence.
Viewable here (

14 minutes de danse

14 minutes de danse

Voice-over recordings of Sonia Ristic's show at the Tarmac de la Villette.
Viewable here (

Palacios Films

Palacios Films

Audio mixing of the documentaries “Femmes sans pause” and “New Walls” by Paula Palacios.
Viewable here (facebook)

Europe Latina TV/Areia production

Europe Latina TV/Areia production

Recording voiceover for the documentary “Katonko”.
Viewable here (

Meris Angioletti

Meris Angioletti

Schfftan Process → Recording of the voice of Macha Meril for an installation dedicated to the film “Profondo Rosso” by filmmaker Dario Argento.
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

“Imminence of Poetics” → Voice recording for the 30th Sao Paulo Biennial (2012).
“The Curious and the Talkers” → Voice recording, sound effects, mixing, mastering

SFR-Stella Publicis

SFR-Stella Publicis

Female voice recording (commercial).
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

Commercial Leclerc

Commercial Leclerc

Female voice recording.
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

Medulla Films

Medulla Films

Amateurs → Film by Gabriel Velázquez, recording of the voice of Emilie de Preissac.
Listen to an extract (MP3) :

And many other projects for musicians, groups, theater, television, cinema, advertising…

Audio equipment & instruments

Acoustic treatments of the mixing space

Inclined ceiling (to avoid a parallel surface between the floor and the ceiling), Numerous acoustic panels (Basstraps, absorbers, diffusers).

Acoustic treatments of the sound recording booth

Removable acoustic treatments, consisting of wool panels mounted on wooden supports and stuffed with hemp (much better than glass wool for your lungs).


  • Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interfaces : Universal Audio apollo X8, Universal Audio apollo X4, DSP Universal audio Uad 2 satellite which take advantage of the renowned
     Universal Audio Plug-ins.
    Universal Audio apollo x4 DSP Universal audio Uad 2 octo satellite Universal Audio apollo x8 Universal Audio Plugins
  • DAW Controller : Mackie Control Universal Pro.
    mackie control
  • Studio Monitors : Yamaha Hs80M and monitors made at the Maison du Haut Parleur.
    Yamaha Hs80M
  • Headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (X2) AKG K271 studio (X2), AKG K240 studio (X2), Yamaha HPH200P, headphone amp Alto Hpa4.
    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro AKG K271 studio AKG K271 studio AKG K240 studio AKG K240 studio Yamaha HPH200P Ampli casque Alto Hpa4
  • Microphones :
    Statiques : Neumann U87 Ai, 2 paired Neumann KM184, AKG C414 BXLII, AKG C451B, 2 paired Oktava MK-012-01, Oktava MK 319, Sontronics DM-1S
    Dynamiques : Sennheiser MD441U, Sennheiser MD421 ll, Electrovoice RE20, Shure Bêta 57A (X2), Sennheiser e906 (X2), Shure Bêta 52A, Shure Sm57 (X4), sE Electronics V7
    Ruban : Swart R-2
    micro Neumann U87 Ai 2 micros Neumann KM184 appairés AKG C414 BXLII AKG C451B Oktava MK-012-01 appairés Oktava MK 319 Sontronics DM-1S
    Sennheiser MD441U Sennheiser MD421 ll Electrovoice RE20 Shure Bêta 57A Shure Bêta 57A
    sennheiser e906 Shure Bêta 52A Shure Sm57 Shure Sm57 Shure Sm57
    sE Electronics V7 Swart R-2
  • Preamps / Compressors : Universal Audio 6176, TFpro P2, Joemeek TwinQ
    Universal Audio 6176 TFpro P2 Joemeek TwinQ
  • Effects / Gate : Ensoniq DP/4, Gate Drawmer DS501
    Ensoniq DP/4 Drawmer DS501

Tube Amps

  • Guitar amps : Rare Orange 125 Reverb Twin “Hustler” (1976), the fabulous Tone King Meteor series 2 & Tone King Continental (1990).
    ampli Orange 125 Reverb Twin (1976) Tone King Meteor series 2
  • Bass Amp : Trace Elliot GP12 SMX.
    Trace Elliot GP12 SMX


PC Core I9 10900K, 64 GB of ram, 17 TB SSD, Windows 11 pro.

Samsung SSD 970 PRO M.2 PCIe NVMe Intel I9 10900K Samsung SSD 970 PRO M.2 PCIe NVMe

Sequencing Software

Steinberg Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro


  • New Yamaha Yus5 TA2 piano ! The Yamaha YUS5 Transacoustic TA2 is the culmination of the YUS series. It has exceptional characteristics : very neat aesthetics with a very large and very functional music rest, tonal pedal, remarkable sound quality, Ivorite keys and exemplary register balance. The Yamaha YUS5 Transacoustic TA2 is clearly aimed at professionals.
    piano Yamaha Yus5 TA2

    Pour en savoir plus sur le piano Yamaha Yus5 TA2.

  • Electric guitars : Gibson ES335 (1981), Gibson Lespaul Custom limited colors (1990), Gretsch 7611 Rocjet (1976), Fender Stratocaster US deluxe, Fender american ultra Jazzmaster, Guild S300AD (1978).
    Gibson ES335,Gibson Lespaul Custom,Gretsch 7611 Rocjet,Fender Stratocaster US deluxe,Fender american ultra Jazzmaster,Guild S300AD
  • Acoustic guitars : Martin D35 ambertone, Takamine TAN46C, Taylor mini, Gracia (classical electro-acoustic).
    Martin D35 ambertone, Takamine TAN46C, Taylor mini, Gracia
  • Pedal steel guitar : WBS.
    Pedal steel guitar WBS
  • Bass guitars : Guild B301 (1976), Fender Precision US
    Guild B301 (1976), Fender Precision US
  • Drum : DW PDP LX
    batterie PDP DW LX
  • Other instruments : Banjo Deering, Ukulele Kanilea K1-Tenor.
    Banjo Deering, Ukulele Kanilea

Guitar Effects Pedals & UAD Plug-ins

All the Guitar Effects Pedals Pedalboard du Bobito studio
  • Alimentation Truetone 1 spot CS12 Alim. Truetone 1 spot CS12
  • Anasounds Savage Anasounds Savage (Overdrive)
  • Jam Red Muck Jam Red Muck (Fuzz)
  • Swart Atomic Boost Swart Atomic Boost
  • Keeley Compressor plus Keeley Compressor plus
  • Boss RE20 Space Echo Boss RE20 Space Echo
  • Pédale de volume d'expression Hilton Expression volume pedal
  • Lehle Dual sgos Lehle Dual sgos
  • supa-trem2 Supa-trem2
  • MXR 108 Ten Bands MXR 108 Ten Bands (Eq)
  • TC electronic Ditto Looper TC electronic Ditto X2 Looper
  • Polytune 3 Polytune 3 (X2)
All Universal Audio plug-ins from the Bobito studio Plugins Universal Audio
  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime & Advanced
  • AKG BX 20
  • Ampeg SVTVR Classic, SVT-VR, ATR-102
  • API 2500, 550A, 560, Preamp, Vision Channel Strip
  • Avalon VT-737sp
  • Brigade Chorus
  • bx_tuner, bx_digital V2, bx_digital V3
  • Capitol Chambers Reverb
  • Century Tube Channel Strip
  • CS-1
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • EMT 140
  • Fairchild 660, 670
  • Fender 55 Tweed Deluxe
  • Galaxy Tape Echo
  • Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ
  • Hitsville EQ collection
  • Hitsville Reverb Chambers
  • Lexicon 224, 480L Digital Reverb and Effects
  • Manley Massive Passive, Variable Mu, VOXBOX Channel Strip
  • Marshall Plexi Classic
  • Moog Multimode Filter, Filter SE, Filter XL
  • Neve 1073, 1084, 2254 E, 33609 C, 33609 SE
  • Ocean Way Studios
  • Oxford Inflator
  • Oxide Tape
  • Precision Channel Strip, De-Esser, Delay Mod, Enhancer Hz, Equalizer, Limiter, Multiband, Reflexion Engine
  • Pultec EQP-1A, HLF-3C, MEQ-5, Pultec-Pro Legacy
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • Raw
  • RealVerb-Pro
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Softube Bass Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, Vintage Amp Room
  • SSL E Preamp and Channel Strip
  • Studer A800
  • Sudio D chorus
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection, LA-3A
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B, CL 1B mk II Compressor
  • UA 1176, 175-B & 176 Limiter, 610-A & 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ
  • V76 Preamplifier
  • Waterfall Rotary speaker

Bobito studio
1 rue André Dubois
75019 Paris